5182 Alloy

5182 Aluminum Alloy

5182 Aluminum Alloy is primarily used in the automobile industry, however it is also the key alloy utilized in the production of beverage cans, as well as electrical and computer components.

5182 Alloy | Mill Finish

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Alloy, temper, dimensional and bend requirements are produced in accordance with the most current edition of the Aluminum Standards and Data, published by The Aluminum Association, unless otherwise specified.

Mechanical Properties


Alloy UTS (ksi) YTS (ksi) E% min
5182-O & H111 37.0 - 47.0 16.0 min .032" - .125" 18%

DIN EN 485-2

Alloy UTS (ksi) YTS (ksi) E% min
5182-O & H111 37.0 - 45.6 16.0 min .032" - .059" 12% I .060" - .118" 13%
5182- H19 55.1 min 46.4 min 1%

Above information indicates standard availability. Please review notes below for any additions or variations.

1. 1/2 commercial gauge tolerances are available.

2. All other unregistered tempers subject to inquiry including O temper outside of the specified range. Special "P" tempers will generally be available but are subject to inquiry.

3. Minimum order 10,000 lbs . Lesser quantities are subject to inquiry.

4. Maximum OD is 70".

5. Standard ID is 20".

All coil and sheet will receive an application of protective oil to prevent scratching and water stain unless specified on the order. Orders that specify dry 0-temper sheet will likely have some light cosmetic factors to consider.

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