Our Process

Vulcan Aluminum Mill utilizes continuous casting for the manufacture of aluminum coils and sheet. Continuous Casting is a more effective way to produce aluminum coil in comparison to Direct Chill Casting, often referred to as DC Casting. Continuous Cast provides much shorter lead times and smaller order sizes. This flexibility enables Vulcan Aluminum Mill to provide solution-based interactions for a wide range of customer needs.

Benefits of Continuous Casting
Cost Effective | Shorter Lead Times | Smaller Order Sizes

Continuous Casting


Direct Chill Casting

Vulcan Aluminum Mill does not employ DC Casting.

We begin with prime aluminum melting stock which guarantees the cleanest possible coil and sheet products. This aluminum stock is melted to 1350ºF in our 220,000 lb. melting furnace. Our recent expansion included the addition of a second melting furnace, doubling Vulcan's melting capacity, thus increasing production output. The molten aluminum then is transferred to our original furnace, which acts as a holder. Melting furnace #1 also has the ability to transfer molten aluminum directly to the caster.


Once the stock has reached the optimum temperature, the molten aluminum moves through our state-of-the-art EMP pump into our computer controlled Continuous Caster, forming an aluminum strip 0.75" thick.


After the aluminum coils have cooled, they are processed through our rolling mill to reduce the thickness of the metal to the desired gauge. This reduction is also computer controlled and employs an X ray gauge which allows us to maintain material thickness to within 1/2 commercial tolerance.


After a coil is cast, it goes into one of our annealing ovens and is made dead soft. From there the coil is rolled to temper to the final gauge. During Vulcan Aluminum Mill's recent expansion, a second annealing oven was added to facilitate growing customer demand of tempered 5052 and 5754 aluminum alloys.

Tension Leveling

As with precision roller levelers, Herr-Voss Stamco is the premier designer and builder of tension levelers. Having pioneered this technology, their tension levelers produce the flattest material possible. This product contains a "nest" which is what takes bow and curvature out of aluminum. All of our 5052 and 5754 aluminum is tension leveled prior to shipping.


Vulcan utilizes a B&K Slitter with a built-in Chadwick wash line. We have the ability to multi-slit from the same master coil which helps in overall scrap reduction. Also, our aluminum goes through a wash line which cleans the surface and provides a light oil coating. This coating protects the aluminum surface from handling scratches during transit. The oil evaporates off the aluminum once it touches air.

Packing and Shipping

Vulcan Aluminum Mill packages all customer orders to their exact specifications. We have the ability to ship on pallets with coil caps and shrink wrap, or full master coils or sheets packaged in waterproof wrap.

Slit aluminum coil being processed at Vulcan Aluminum Mill Packaged aluminum sheets at Vulcan Aluminum Mill Packaged aluminum coils at Vulcan Aluminum Mill