Industries Served

End Use Applications - External Customers

End use applications of our aluminum sheet and coil include a dynamic array of finished products. Our aluminum is an integral component in many different products.
Vulcan 5052 and 5754 aluminum is utilized in a dynamic array of finished products and the possibilities are virtually endless. Our aluminum is the integral component in everything from concrete forms to automotive components. Other uses include electrical cabinets, irrigation systems, truck and trailer bodies and freshwater boats to name a few. Our in-house Metallurgist works hand-in-hand with our sales department to ensure our aluminum will meet the requirements of our customers. Trial material could be produced to your specifications to qualify for a specific end use. The Vulcan Aluminum Mill Team strives to ensure quality and customer satisfaction remain our top two priorities.

End Use Applications - Internal Customers

Vulcan Aluminum Mill not only manufactures 5052 and 5754 aluminum alloy for external customers, the Mill is also the supply partner for all four of Vulcan's vertically integrated operations. Once the aluminum sheet or coil leaves the Mill, it is then transferred directly to other facilities for further processing.

Vulcan Aluminum Mill is the supply partner for all 4 of Vulcan's vertically integrated operations.